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Metframe Met Board Sheet

Technical Specification

Name: High Density Fiber Reinforced Cement Board (100% Non-Asbestos)

Standard Specification: 1220*2440*4.5/6/10/18mm Tolerance: Length/Width: ±3mm; Thickness: ±0.5mm; Diagonal difference: ≤4mm

Surface: Sanded Edge: Square Color: Ivory

Density: 1420~1500kg/m3

Bending Strength: Cross: 11~13MPa; Parallel: 6~10MPa

Screw Withdraw: ≥ 66N/mm2 Moisture Movement: ≤ 0.25% WaterAbsorption: ≤32%

Water Contain: ≤ 10% (Under EMS condition)

Thermal Conductivity: ≤ 0.30w/ (m·k)

Non-combustibility: GB 8624-2006 Grade A1;CE EN 12467:2012 Grade A1

Water impermeability: Traces of moisture appeared on the under surface of the sheet, but no formation of drops of water on the underside of the sheet after 24 hours.

Freeze-thaw: Not have cracking and layering after freeze-thaw cycles 25 times. Excellent Characteristics: High Bending Strength, In-combustibility, Sound Insulation, Moisture-proof, Waterproof, Thermal Insulation, Shock Resistance, Durability, Long service life, etc.

Application: 8/9/10/12mm: used for External Siding, Cladding or Facade. (High Rise) ProductsWarranty: More than 20 years.


Our Metboard Is Suitable For `both Exterior And Interior Wall Cladding