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Metframe Corrugated Roofing Sheet

Metframe Corrougated sheet is the famous Australian corrugated profile. Corrougated sheet is equally at home with traditional and contemporary designs. It is available in three basic metal thicknesses, and is fixed with ease and speed.

0.442 mm ( Minimum ) , 0.50 TCT 0.4 8 mm , 0.53 TCT 0.55 mm , 0.60 TCT Steel Grade : G550 and G300 Coating : AZ150 and AZ200 BMT 0.42 mm : 4.3 kg / m2 BMT 0.48 mm : 4.9 kg / m2 BMT 0.55 mm : 5.6 kg / m2 Length : + 0mm , -10 mm Width : + 4mm, - 4mm
You can use corrigated roofing Sheet on roof pitch as low as 5°( 1 in 12 ) Length are custom - cut . Check maximum and minimum with us •Accessories •Capping •Ridgecaps •Flashings •Guttering •fasteners •Insulation •Translucent sheeting •Hurricane Vents


As per NZ Steel Specification & Installation Guide March 2011.

Important Publications

For your installation to perform to its full potential, it is essential that it is designed, installed and maintained in accordance with good trade practice. Please refer to:

NZ Steel Specification & Installation Guide March 2011.

NZ Metal Roof & Wall Cladding code of practice version 2.2 / 2012

For Best Results

  • Keep the roofing sheets dry when closely stacked OR keep the sheets well ventilated if subjectedto wet condition.
  • Care should be taken to avoid dragging sheets which will cause scratching and scouring to the coated surface.
  • Always walk over battens / purlins positions and wear soft soled shoes.
  • Lay sheets from right to left to ensure tight fitting-note that the trailing edge of any sheet should not befixed until the following sheet is installed beneath it.
  • Ensure the sheets are not bent unintentionally at the steps during handling.
  • Install sheets with fasteners at the eave and ridge only until all sheets have been installed.
  • Fix the roof permanently in position using the required fastener frequency.
  • Heads of fasteners to be matching color-available from Metframe.
  • Metal abrasive/ cutting discs should NOT be used at any time.
  • Turn up sheet ends at ridges and hips and cover with suitable accessories.

All accessories should be installed in accordance with good plumbing practice.

Upon completion of work always clean and sweep roof with soft broom and gutters free from metal cuttings and swarf.

Corrugated Roofing Sheet Color - Bond (Met - Color)

Zincalume Corrugated Roofing Sheet

Other Accessories ( Standard Size & Non - Standard )

Metframe Can Customize With Customer Needs For All Standard Accessories