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We have 35+ years of experience. we offer awesome products!

MetFrame is a leading specialist manufacturer of steel roofing products, wall frames and trusses, together with galvanised pipes and tubes.

Operating from manufacturing facilities in Lautoka, Metframe uses the latest design and production technology to supply both domestic and export markets.

We are a successful steel manufacturing who offer world class products underpinned by the fact that we only utilise high quality materials within our automated manufacturing process. On the basis of this, we ensure that our customers receive durable and fit for purpose steel products designed and suitable for a variety of applications.


MetHome uses the latest technology to design and detail your new steel frame homes. All our designs come with complete structural engineering and also, as required, MetHome can also duly arrange site engineering.

The MetHome computer aided design and quotation system allows MetHome to produce plans and manufacture structures to ‘pin-point’ accuracy. This system also enables our experienced team to provide our clients with accurate quotes that ultimately, ensure that whatever the nature of the design or size of project, our clients can confidently commence their project knowing there are no ‘hidden cost’ surprises.

Our housing ‘Kits’ are supplied fully complete, which means, they include all the structural parts. Also, if required, contractors can be appointed to undertake assembly and install. Whether you require a domestic house, commercial building or a resort, you can take advantage of our custom design prices without making any compromise.

As previously mentioned, MetHome does take great care to ensure that the products we sell are manufactured to the highest standards and incorporate the best materials. We take a pride in being a member of the Fiji Master Builders Association and therefore, we are committed to providing our customers with quality structures at very competitive pricing.

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Fiji’s most trusted manufacturer of Steel Roofing Products, House Frames and Galvanized Pipes & Tubes.


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